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Everything you need to know about becoming a writer with Better Humans

Updated August 8, 2022.

Please read carefully because our processes have changed.

We especially want to hear from writers who are from diverse and underrepresented backgrounds.

Better Humans is one of the top publications on Medium. We do everything we can to ensure that your article is seen by the widest possible Medium audience — and beyond.

To ensure top-quality articles, we ask all writers to take care in Preparing Your Article and follow the procedures below to submit their work.

Writers for Better Humans are paid through the Medium Partners Program, assuming they are members of the Medium Partners Program and have put their articles behind the paywall. While we work to help you maximize the impact of your article, we do not make any direct payments.

What We’re Looking For

We want articles with smart self-improvement advice. The advice has to be backed up by personal experience.

Qualities of a good Better Humans article:

  • The article is a how-to. We can always answer the question, “What, specifically, will the reader accomplish by following this advice.” (Note that being happier, more successful, or “crushing it” are examples which are not specific goals.)
  • The writer makes a case for why we should trust their advice, in the introduction.
  • There is evidence that the advice works. (A summary of actual results seen by the writer is probably our favorite evidence.)
  • The article goes beyond generic advice and includes insider tips that would be known only by someone who actually did it themselves.

These articles are often framed in specific ways:

  • “How I reached a specific goal, what worked and what (perhaps surprisingly) didn’t work, and tips that will help you do it yourself.”
  • “How I coach others to reach a goal, what works and what doesn’t work, and tips that help them the most.”
  • Empathic tutorials (usually these are 10-minute reads or more)

We do not want articles where writers simply cover a topic they’ve researched on the internet or through books (we call these “book reports”). We do not take articles in the genre of personal inspiration or opinion pieces (articles that are “why” or “what” articles, not “how to” articles). However, we encourage you to be inspiring and opinionated within the context of your how-to advice.

We rarely take articles that are 4-minute reads or less. The best way to get accepted as a new writer on Better Humans is to do a great empathic tutorial on something that our readers actively want to do.

How To Submit Your Article to Better Humans

New Writers

We want to see a draft of the article you’d like to publish with us. If we want to publish it, you’ll be added to the Better Humans publication and get detailed instructions by email to get you started as a writer.

Use this form to submit your first draft.

Usually, you’ll hear back within a week, but this can vary depending on holidays, number of submissions, and other factors.

See Preparing Your Article for insider tips on what we ask of all writers accepted into Better Humans. Preparing your article to meet these guidelines in advance increases the likelihood of us accepting your first article.

Current Writers

If you’ve already been added as a writer with Better Humans, be sure you have prepared your article properly using these steps:

Once you’ve done that, submit the article via the Medium interface. (Do not use the form above.) Go into the article, use the “•••” menu to add the draft to publication. After you select “Better Humans,” you’ll see a green button to finish submitting it. Click that, too. It’s a funky two-step process, and the second step is easy to miss. (Don’t publish the draft, and do make it eligible for payments.)

We will review your article within the Medium interface and do one of the following:

  1. Accept it into the publication and schedule it for publishing. We’ll leave you a private note with the scheduled publish time.
  2. Decline your article. This happens within the Medium interface, and you will get a notification from Medium.
  3. Accept it into the publication, and ask you to do some additional work on it before we publish. This will come in the form of a private note on your article. If those improvements haven’t been made within a few days and you haven’t contacted us to let us know why, we may go ahead and decline the article to move things along in our queue.

The Substance of Your Article—for All Writers

We publish evidence-based advice, and unless you are a researcher yourself, that evidence will be your own experience.

Tell us what you did that worked and what you did that didn’t work.

Write from your own substantial personal expertise. That’s the core of producing a trustworthy article.

We want writing that changes our readers’ lives for the better. Inspire with clear, direct instructions that anyone can follow in order to improve their life. Guide the reader through pitfalls they may encounter and demonstrate the results that can be achieved through your own lived experience.

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